"Picture Magic: the Art of Sharing Your Pictures," inspires and instructs students to make the most of their digital photos. It teaches students how to use free software and resources readily available on the Internet to organize and correct images, and then share them with friends and family. Students will learn how to create digital photo albums, digital slide shows,  animations, photo prints, photo books and photo stamps and achieve various other special effects. Students' handiwork will be displayed on a class Blog that will be created. Links to all the web sites used in the class will be posted to a site that will be continually updated with new material as it becomes available. Students are encouraged to open a G mail account and should have access to a broadband Internet connection and the basic ability to surf the web.

Beginners Guide to Blogging: How to set up your first Blog to communicate and share your thoughts and images with friends family or business associates. The class will go through the process of setting up a blog and posting information such as pictures, slide shows and videos. Students are encouraged to set up a Gmail account to take advantage of the free Google products available on the web.

“Memories In A Shoebox” Everyone has a stash of favorite, old photos stored away in a shoebox or cigar box, in the back of a closet or cabinet. Using digital technology, it’s possible to rescue those tattered, dog-eared pictures that we all have neglected. In this 45-minute presentation, I illustrate how today’s technology can enable all of us to resurrect those old memories and store them in a clean, easy-to-access, long-lasting format. Unlike more traditional “scrapbooking,” this electronic scrapbooking is quick, convenient and eliminates the possibility of deterioration of materials over time. Once the skills are learned, it’s an easy, creative way to organize your special photo momentos. Using actual old photographs, I will illustrate the series of steps to remove dust, mold and stains. I will show participants how to eliminate tears, rips and cracks . Once the cleaning and rejuvenation process is complete, I reveal the possibilities that modern technology provides us to show off our photos. The possibilities are as varied as the imagination. Using the Internet and a few photo editing programs as tools, I will show that today, a photograph is not only a picture in a frame. With an electronic file of your images, you can have photographs printed, personal books created and bound,  presentations created with narration or music, electronic photo albums compiled that can be emailed, or web pages that can be displayed on the Internet. Participants will walk away from this presentation with the knowledge of how they can utilize the tools of digital imaging to preserve their most precious photos and pictures.

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